If you love your salads, there really is nothing easier to grow than lettuce and other greens! The great thing about lettuce is that it grows quickly, doesn't take up a lot of space, doesn't require too much care, can be easily grow in pots. 


If you have a little bit of room, carrots are the way to go! They prefer well drained soil, but if you can't get your hands on that, they'll grow in almost any type of soil. They also tolerate a little shade as well, so you're in luck if your garden doesn't have a lot of sun. 


One of the most popular vegetables (actually, tomatoes are a fruit) to grow are tomatoes! Tomatoes are great to grow because they can grow in pots, directly in the ground, or even upside down, plus there are hundreds of varieties you can choose from! Ensure that tomatoes have full sun for successful harvest. 


Cucumbers are another easy and fun vegetable to grow so long as the temperature is warm, they have enough sun, and a trellis or some sort of support is used. Once seedlings appear, water consistently, and watch them spread like wildfire! Bush cucumbers are the easiest to grow and are great for small spaces.


Greens beans are fun to grow, especially since there are hundreds of varieties you can choose from. While bush beans require less space, vine beans are actually easier to grow, but both grow well directly from seed. Make sure to provide your bean plants with plenty of sunlight.


Did you know that radishes only take 20 days to grow fully from seed? With such a fast harvest time, you'd be crazy NOT to grow them! Be sure to grow them in an area where they will receive full sun, and in just less than a month you'll have crunchy, delicious radishes! 


Zucchini actually grows quite prolific, meaning they produce a LOT and can get quite out of hand! For a family, you only need one or two plants! Be sure to only plant zucchini seeds in warm weather, provide them with plenty of sun, and give them lots of water. You'll soon be rewarded with a full bounty! If you're growing more than a couple of zucchini plants, you'll need to provide them with plenty of support.


Although you may need some room to grow them, pumpkins are actually quite easy to grow and don't require too much care. Plus, there are hundreds of pumpkin varieties you can choose from so pumpkin growing is never boring! 


Herbs are one of the easiest things to grow, and most often what a beginner gardening will start off with! 

10. PEAS

Pears are easy to grow, and even if you don't have a ton of space, can be successfully grown in a pot as well! Be sure to give your peas plenty of sun and plant them in early spring so they can bloom before it gets warm out.