Filet Bean

Filet Bean

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Velour French Filet Bean, Bush Bean, Snap

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A farm favorite! French filet type bean that produces plentiful richly colored purple beans with exceptional sweet flavor. Purple beans make picking easy and turn emerald green when blanched. Produces 4-5” long straight pods on medium size plants. Seem to have good disease resistance. Beige seeds.

  • Disease resistant

  • 55 days

The only variety of this type in very fine size, the  VELOR  bean offers pods of a beautiful   purple color.

well positioned on the stem, which facilitates harvesting. Productive variety, its resistance to the main bean diseases allows a prolonged harvest.

Type Bean/Pea
Family Legume Family
Temperature Soil 60F
Temperature Daytime 70-85F
Temperature Evening 60F+
Lighting Full, 6-8 Hours Per Day
Water Steady: 6 Gallons / Week
Maturity Moderate: 55-70 Days Harvest
PH Neutral 5.5-7.5
Zones 3A-11B
Plant Placement 16 Plants, 8 Per Row