Sweet, Hot & Spicy Pepper Seed Collection

Sweet, Hot & Spicy Pepper Seed Collection

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Sweet, Mild, Spicy, Hot Pepper Collection Seed Pack, 15 Varieties

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This Pack Contains:

  1. Italian Friariello Pepper
  2. Sweet Hungarian Wax Pepper
  3. Sweet Red Cherry Pepper
  4. Hot Red Cherry Pepper
  5. Chili Pepper F1 Cayenne
  6. Santa Fe Pepper Mix
  7. Green Pepper California Wonder
  8. Red Pepper California Wonder
  9. Yellow Pepper California Wonder
  10. Purple Pepper California Wonder
  11. Cubanelle Italian Pepper
  12. Gigantic Red Marconi Pepper
  13. Sei Giapponese Red Pepper
  14. Long Slim Red Chili Pepper 
  15. Hot Hungarian Wax Pepper