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Green Garden Leaf Collector Caddy Tool Bag Holder with Hand

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SIZE: 19" W x 21.5" D x 42" H

LONG-LASTING: This reusable lawn bag will last a long time.

COLLAPSIBLE: Foldable easy to store and clean up

EASY FILL UP: Clean up a leaf pile then lay down your bag putting the leaves conveniently into the bag

ENJOYABLE: Makes leaf and trash collection a breeze! It will make your life easier.

This is a great leaf and tool caddy that can be used for gardening, cleaning, or any outdoor use. It is mainly used for your garden or lawn to collect weeds, broken down branches, leaves, or other types of yard waste. Never again will you have to worry about garbage piling up in your garden. Messy garbage will now be a thing of the past!