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Jiffy Pots, Set of 26, Starter Pots

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These pots are biodegradable and attested for organic use by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

The use of a biodegradable material is a great alternative to polystyrene, a plastic made from a non-renewable resource. In addition, by adopting organic gardening practices, you will avoid the harmful impact of chemicals to ecosystems and human health.

Seed2Go Cardboard Seed Starter Pots, Pack of 25, 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"

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Biodegradable: 100% environmentally friendly and degradable materials to jointly protect the earth's homeland. These cute little miniature pots are made of peat so that they can dissolve into the earth. The soft walled peat allows plant roots to naturally air prune as they emerge through the pot.

Good Air Permeability: Breathable, easy soil fusion, improved the ecological environment around the seedling roots, and conducive to the growth of seedlings.

Easy To Use: Seeds can be cultured indoors and outdoors, Just grow your seedlings, and then plant them in your yard or garden without removing them from the pots. Pots will degrade automatically over time into fertilizers.

Seed Starter Tray: These pots are the ideal choice for indoors seed starting as well! They can help minimize transplant shock, so they're especially good for plants that don't like to have their roots disturbed, such as melons, cucumbers, squash and nasturtiums.  

Seed2Go, 12 Hole Cardboard Seed Starter Trays, Set of 4, 6" x 5" x 2"

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Practicality - overcome the problems of crooked roots, curved roots and lazy roots created by plastic cups. Ideal for transplanting plants without bleeding or damaging the root.

Ecologically degradable: the paper cup body becomes organic fertiliser after dismantling, can be self-absorbent, breathable, you do not need to take out the plants and plant again.

Easy to use: plant or sow your flower or vegetables in the pot with soil, this saves time, worse, mess and above all helps the environment.

Widely used: perfect seed trays seedling. You can use biodegradable flower pots to plant herbs, seedlings, succulents, tomatoes, peppers, flowers and more.

Magic Plantation Potting Soil Mix 2.7L, Set of 5 Bags

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Magic Plantation Potting Mix 2.7L Ideal for beautiful house plants.

Made from natural ingredients, this rich mixture drains well and is well aerated: it provides the ideal soil structure for green and flowering houseplants. This light potting soil can be used for both planting and re-potting.




Humus, sphagnum moss, perlite, lime


A high quality, well balanced mixture specifically formulated for houseplants that are grown in limited amounts of soil

Allows roots to be well anchored

Drains well while still retaining moisture between waterings

Light weight, so will not uselessly weigh down containers, making it easier to work with them and move them around.

INTELLIGROW Soil PH Meter Tester

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1: Switch moisture/ pH/ light position

2:Stick the probes into the soil 4-6 inches (2/3 of the probes)

3: Adjust the position of the probe until the pointer on the dial swing slightly

4: After 10 minutes, note moisture/ pH/ light level in the dial

5. Please clean the probe after each use so that you can get accurate data next time

INTELLIGROW Plant T-Markers, Plastic, 100 Pack, 4" x 2.5"

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High-quality materials: Plant tags are made of strong, durable plastic that is not easily broken, Non-toxic and pollution-free.

Don't worry about the rain! Your labels will stay in place,Made of Waterproof PVC Plastic.

They are Super thick(1mm) and durable, They don't rust like metal tags.

Labels are UV resistant with a matte finish, It makes the usage of label last as long as possible.


Quantity: 100 pcs

Sharp head, please be sure to stay away from children under 5 years old.

Seeding Square ™ Square Foot Gardening Template Garden Seed Planter Tool Kit

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*Order 4 or more and get free shipping. 

Each seed and seedling is planted with precision spacing

You don't need to know that lettuce needs six inches of space, or that peas need three... All the spacing needs of every type of plant is done for you with Seeding Square's fun to use colour-coded template.

  • 🥕HELPING YOU GARDEN BETTER🥦 We help people grow high-density vegetable gardens with confidence. Seeding Square, our seed spacing template - is inspired from the popular Square Foot Gardening method, is fun for all ages, and turns anyone into a master gardener! So, get ready for a truly impressive crop of home-grown vegetables.
  • 🍉SPACE SEEDS PERFECTLY🥒 Plant your garden with ease and watch the sprouts emerge straight and tidy. Sowing seeds (and seedlings) with the optimal amount of space allows gardeners to grow a large harvest from a small garden. Bonus: Maximized spacing = less exposed soil = less water evaporation = a lower water bill.
  • 🧅SPOT WEEDS EASILY🌶️ Using Seeding Square organizes your garden like a dream and is a time-saver for weeding – because perfect interval spacing of plants make weeds easy to spot, and maximized spacing leaves less room for weeds.
  • 🍓THREE SIMPLE STEPS🥬 1.) Press the Square into the soil. 2.) Poke the colour-coded holes. 3.) Plant your seeds. That’s it…just don’t forget to water! Bonus: The 1” side walls of Seeding Square leave behind an impression in the soil, which creates a “garden grid” helping you line up the next press, and the next …yup, we thought of everything!
  • 🌽BUILT TO LAST🍅 As fellow gardeners we made sure our garden spacing tool kit is durable. So go ahead and jump on it, wash it, and hang it as a piece of art if you like! Crafted from premium grade ABS plastic - buy it once & you'll be planting for years to come. We hope you'll share your amazing garden with #seedingsquare #growyourfood & #plantingday