Lolla/Lollo Lettuce

Lolla/Lollo Lettuce


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Lollo Rossa, Italian Burgundy Lettuce, Baby Leaf, Looseleaf

Burgundy coloured lettuce with frilled leaves. Excellent for gourmet salad mixes.

55 Days to harvest!

Italian looseleaf loved for its deep red, tightly curled leaves surrounding a bright green heart.

An ideal baby leaf variety providing mild flavor and excellent loft, heft and color to salad mixes. Open heads are compact, slower growing and slower to bolt than other lettuces. Displayed field resistance to mildew in our trials.

Ideal baby leaf variety

Slow to bolt

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Burgundy Lolla Rossa Leaf Lettuce, Bruna di Germania - [ Seed2Go Canada ] - DW3-V-BDG - Lettuce
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Burgundy Lolla Rossa Leaf Lettuce, Bruna di Germania

This is a late German variety with a good resistant to cold. This variety is very vigorous and produces round, firm and crisp head with green, tender, red-edged leaves.
To be sown from March to September and Harvest from June to November.

Type Salad Greens
Family Cabbage Family
Temperature Soil 55-75F
Temperature Daytime 50-65F
Temperature Evening 40F+
Lighting Partial / Full, 4-6 Hours/Day
Water Light,6 Gallons/Week
Maturity Short, 30-55 Days Harvest
PH Neutral 6.5-7.2
Zones 1A-9B
Plant Placement 4 Plants, 4 Per Row


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