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Stupice Tomato, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia - [ Seed2Go Canada ] - SD3-VG-ST - Tomato
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Stupice Tomato, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia


A variety originating in the Czech Republic, Stupice Organic tomato seeds were introduced to North America in 1976. Plants are a naturally disease resistant, compact indeterminate (vine) type with attractive potato leaves.

Fruit Color: Red. Shape: Round. Size: 4 oz. Plant Habit: Determinate  Plant Size: 3-4’

Succulent 4 oz. red fruits have a rich tangy sweet flavor. This vigorous plant with potato leaf foliage is an abundant producer. 

Stupice is a 'cold-set' variety but is also an all-weather standout because it is able to produce in hot weather, too. 

History: This heirloom tomato is from Czechoslovakia and arose in 1955 from a cross made at the cultivator station in the community of Stupice (near Prague). It bears an abundance of very sweet, flavorful 2-3" deep red fruit.

Type Tomato
Family Nightshade Family
Temperature Soil 70F
Temperature Daytime 70-85F
Temperature Evening 65+F
Lighting Light, Full, 6-8 Hours / Day
Water Heavy, 9 Gal / Day
Maturity Long, 65-100 Days
PH Neutral Ph Neutral, 5.5-6.8
Zones 2A-10b
Plant Placement 2 Plants, 2 Per Row

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