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Histal Fava Bean, Broad Bean

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Broad Bean - Fava HistalBroad Bean - Fava Histal: also known as fava bean, are large and flat. Typically not the best choice of bean for those with enzyme deficiencies as they can cause Favism, a reaction named after the bean, itself. Nonetheless, this high fibre bean is a great addition to soups or rice.
Type Bean/Pea
Family Legume Family
Temperature Soil 60F
Temperature Daytime 70-85F
Temperature Evening 60F+
Lighting Full, 6-8 Hours Per Day
Water Steady: 6 Gallons / Week
Maturity Moderate: 55-70 Days Harvest
PH Neutral 5.5-7.5
Zones 3A-11B
Plant Placement 16 Plants, 8 Per Row

Histal/Fava: This is our selection of superabundance. Plant is a medium late highly productive variety. 25 – 38 cm long, bright green pods with 8 – 9 seeds.

Packet: 33 grams of seed