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Chinese Okra, Luffa Acutangula, Angled/Smooth Luffa Acutangula, (Extra Long) Edible, Sponge - [ Garden Seeds,] - V-OK
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Chinese Okra, Luffa Acutangula, Angled/Smooth Luffa Acutangula, (Extra Long) Edible, Sponge

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This vine originally from eastern Asia is cultivated in so many countries that it goes by numerous common names, including Chinese Okra, Angled Luffa, Dish Cloth Gourd, Ridged Gourd, Sponge Gourd, Vegetable Gourd, Strainer Vine, Ribbed Loofah, Silky Gourd, Ridged Gourd, and Towelsponge.


You can guess from some of its common names that, like our earlier Luffa cylindrica in Río Lagartos, Chinese Okra's mature fruits contain fiber that when dried and cleaned can be used like a washrag. Among medicinal uses mentioned by the "Useful Tropical Plants" website is its fruits and seeds being employed against venereal diseases, extracts from its leaves serving against guinea worms, and its leaf sap being used against eczema, and as an eyewash to treat conjunctivitis.

Angled luffa is also called Chinese okra or ridged gourd. This excellent open pollinated variety is cultivated for the tenderness and sweet flavor of its fruit. The vigorous plant has a heavy fruit set of ridged, dark green, club-shaped fruits that are best harvested about 18” long and 2” in diameter.

Warm season annual

Maturity: Approx. 90 days

Type Gourds
Family Gourd Family
Temperature Soil 65-70F
Temperature Daytime 50-90F
Temperature Evening 55+F
Lighting Full, 6-8 Hours Per Day
Water Steady: 6 Gallons / Day
Maturity Long, 90-120 Days Harvest
PH Neutral 6.0-7.0
Zones 3A-9B
Plant Placement 4 Plants, 2 Per Row

Ridge Gourd: Hero is a high yielding photo insensitive hybrid variety of ridge gourd. Fruits are vigorous in growth and resistant to biotic and a biotic stresses. Fruit length is 40 – 45 cm and weight 250-300 g each. Plant harvesting starts around 40 – 45 days after sowing. Yield is 14 – 16 tons/acre.