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INTELLIGROW Indoor Dimming Light Sheet

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Our growers have a light that is either on during grow mode or flashes when in automatic cycle. If you would like to dim the light in the evenings, you can apply this dimming sheet to reduce the light exposure. 

Easy to Use - Just Peel it and it will Stick anywhere you want. Each sticker dim about 50%, for more dimming you can double stick the light.

Each pad is 4"x8" which is 6 times more than needed for our growers. Feel free to use it for other appliances in your home. 

INTELLIGROW Plant Support Accessory, Kit, Indoor Growers, Wood & Ties

In Stock

Plant support may be required to support certain types of vegetables or fruits such as Strawberries or Cherry Tomatoes. 

This kit includes:

30 Plant Support Rods: Made of Wood/Plastic, Approx 10" High

100 x 4" Twist Ties to Wrap Around Plant Supports 

Each slot inside the grower has holes to support these rods on both the northern and southern parts of each seed pod allowing you to position these rods to support your plant as you please; vertically, teepee, or any formation of your choice.