Return Policy:

Customer is responsible for shipping the goods back to us. If the goods are opened or tampered or expired, credit will not be refunded to the customer. We will allow returns within 4 months of purchase; this is because of the expiry date on the back of every package. If product expiry date is of the same year, we will not accept returns. 

Non-seeded items can be returned within 30 days of receipt. Items must be in returned in resaleable conditions and in its original packaging for resale. We will also require your original invoice with the return so we can produce and credit back your account.

Refund Policy:

Where refund deems necessary, orders will be refunded minus the transaction fee's of 3%.

Payment Pre-Authorization                        

As all of our online transactions are done through credit card, we do not authorize payment until your order is shipped and invoiced. We will only charge you for the items we ship to you. If there is an item backorder, we will notify you via an email to advise such item is not available and we will automatically adjust your order. We do not charge for items on backorder until they are shipped.