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Chinese Celery, Boly, Cutting Celery, Nan Ling, Gin Cai, Kun Choy, Kan Tsoi

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Used in many Asian soups and stews, these pencil thin bright light green stalks can be harvested beginning at about 60 days and continuing through about 90 days. The stalks and leaves have that distinct celery smell and taste and can be harvested in the micro-green stage at about 30 days.

Compared to western celery, Chinese Celery is actually quite small. Its stalks are thin, hollow and extremely crunchy. ... Because the stalks are narrower than regular celery, Chinese Celery may appear somewhat skimpy and limp, but will still be of good quality.

Chinese celery is a good source of vitamin A and K and minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, manganese, and magnesium. It is also high in folic acid, niacin, and vitamin C, which are all essential for optimum metabolism. In addition to its nutritional value, celery is also very low in calories.

Type Celery
Family Parsley Family
Temperature Soil 70F
Temperature Daytime 55-70F
Temperature Evening 50+F
Lighting Partial, 2-4 Hours
Water Heavy, 6 Gallons/Week
Maturity Moderate, 80-100 Days Harvest
PH Neutral 5.9-6.9
Zones 2A-10B
Plant Placement 6 Plants, 3 Per Row