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Beet Vegetable Seeds

Usually the deep purple roots of beets are eaten boiled, roasted, or raw, and either alone or combined with any salad vegetable. The green, leafy portion of the beet is also edible. The young leaves can be added raw to salads, whilst the mature leaves are most commonly served boiled or steamed, in which case they have a taste and texture similar to spinach. Beetroot can be roasted, boiled or steamed, peeled, and then eaten warm with or without butter as a delicacy; cooked, pickled, and then eaten cold as a condiment; or peeled, shredded raw, and then eaten as a salad. Pickled beets are a traditional food in many countries.



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Detroit Dark Red 2, Beet - [ Garden Seeds,] - V-DETROITDR2 - Beet
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Detroit Dark Red 2, Beet

The round, smooth roots are about 3" in diameter and keep well for canning. On the inside, these organic Detroit dark red beets are blood red in color, with virtually no zoning. Medium green tops with tinges of red can be harvested early and used for salad greens.
Type Beet
Family Amaranth Family
Temperature Soil 50F
Temperature Daytime 60-65F
Temperature Evening 40F+
Lighting Light, Partial/Full, 4-6 Hours/Day
Water Light
Maturity Short, 55-60 Days Until Harvest
PH Neutral Ph Neutral, 6-6.8
Zones 2A-10B
Plant Placement 20 Plants, 4 Per Row



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Crosby Egyptian Beet, Beetroot - [ Garden Seeds,] - VG-CEFBP - Beet
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Crosby Egyptian Beet, Beetroot

Dark-fleshed. The succulent roots are smooth skinned and uniform in shape. Crosby Egyptian can produces tops that reach 14-16". One of the best for early market.

Roots grow 3-5", are very flattened in shape, and grow virtually on the surface of the soil. The roots have a dull red skin and dark red interior. 

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Organic Chioggia Candy Cane Beet, Italy, Organic Premium

This heirloom beet is most notable for its striking deep pink and white spirals, and the beet adds a beautiful pop of color to salads and soups.

Eat beets raw in a fresh salad to add a bit of earthy crunch.

Roast or steam beets—this softens the beet and changes the flavor profile, making it a perfect accompaniment for barley, rice or other savory side dishes. Goats cheese is also a particularly popular addition to any roasted beet salad.

Saute beets with a mix of other veggies to add a jolt of color to any stir fry.

Pickled adds a burst of flavor ideal to accompany a main dish, or as a main salad ingredient.

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