Welcome to our Spread the Seed2GO referral program.


How the program works?

Earn up to 10% of the sale by referring anyone to our website who completes a purchase. Your customer takes the discount and you also earn a profit. 

The more you refer successfully, the more you earn. Simple as that. 


Spend by Dollar

Earnings in Percentage

Less than $25 Spend

3% + 3% Off Discount to Client

Between $25.00-$150 Spend

5% + 5% Off Discount to Client

More than $150.00 Spend

10% + 5% Off Discount to Client


Commissions only apply to sales for: seed packets, garden bags, indoor growers as this is a referral Seed2Go Branded Program.


Monthly Statements will issued for existing participants on commissions paid per order year to date.


When do you make payouts?

Payouts are done monthly as a commissioned sales representative. We will send all payouts via e-transfer, and we will provide a commissioned invoice with every payout. 

Taxes will be charged according to the billing address. 


I would like to participate; how do I sign up?

Please send us a message providing the following information.


Your Full Name:

Your Full Billing Address:

Email Address to Accept E-Transfer Payment:

Full Company Name (if Applicable)

Your Preferred Referral Code:

Feel free to promote our shop on your website, on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.