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The traditional mix includes chervil, arugula, leafy lettuces and endive, while the term mesclun may also refer to a blend [1] that might include some or all of these four and baby spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard (silver beet), mustard greens, dandelion greens, frisée, mizuna, mâche (lamb's lettuce), radicchio, sorrel, or other fresh leaf vegetables.

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Oriental Salad Leaf Lettuce Mix, Easy Sow, Rocket, Mizuna, Tat Soi, Bulls Blood - [ Garden Seeds,] - V-OSM - Mesclun
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Oriental Salad Leaf Lettuce Mix, Easy Sow, Rocket, Mizuna, Tat Soi, Bulls Blood

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Oriental Salad Mix:Rocket, Mizuna, Tat Soi, Bulls Blood
These are considered oriental gourmet mix of lettuces. Plants will continue to grow after cutting. Excellent yielder. Very popular second-early variety well suited to summer grouping of plants.

Type Salad Greens
Family Cabbage Family
Temperature Soil 55-75F
Temperature Daytime 50-65F
Temperature Evening 40F+
Lighting Partial / Full, 4-6 Hours/Day
Water Light,6 Gallons/Week
Maturity Short, 30-55 Days Harvest
PH Neutral 6.5-7.2
Zones 1A-9B
Plant Placement 4 Plants, 4 Per Row


Spring Mix, Lettuce Mix, Cutting Lettuce, Mix of Chicory, Endive, Erba Stella(Star Grass) & Lettuce

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Miscuglio di Lattuga/Lettuce Mix: Mix of lettuce with thick and compact red and reddish green leaves. Heads are large. Plant is an excellent yielder. This is a very popular second-early variety. Plant is well suited for summer growing's.

Spring mix is made up of 16 fresh greens and lettuces of varying tastes and textures, including red romaine, baby spinach, radicchio, green romaine, red oak leaf, mizuna, red leaf, lollo rosso, arugula, red mustard, green mustard, red chard, frisee, and tatsoi. About half of the greens and lettuces are sweet and mild while others provide a complementary slightly bitter edge.


Spring Mix is available year-round with a peak season in spring and summer.

Nutritional Value

Greens contain vitamins A, C, and E, calcium, and potassium.


Use as a salad or bed for fresh or grilled fruits and vegetables.


Spring Mix, also known as “Mesclun,” is a name used for a salad mixture of leaves of various species. The name Mesclun comes from the Spanish word "mezclar," which translates to "to mix." Traditional mesclun usually consisted of chervil, arugula, lettuce, and endive.

Type Lettuce
Family Daisy Family
Temperature Soil 40-50F
Temperature Daytime 50-65F
Temperature Evening 40F+
Lighting Partial / Light, 2-4 Hours/Day
Water Light, 3 Gallons/Week
Maturity Moderate, 60-70 Days Harvest
PH Neutral 7.0-8.0
Zones 4A-9B
Plant Placement 8 Plants, 4 Per Row