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Fabric Grow Bag, Range: 1-10 Gallon, Case of 6/Size

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1 Gallon: 7.5" x 5.5"

2 Gallon: 8.5" x 8"

3 Gallon: 9.5" x 9"

5 Gallon: 12.5" x 10"

10 Gallon: 15" x 11"

Each plant bag has two practical carry handles on the sides, which are sewn directly to the planter, makes the plant bag easy to transport, even if it is filled with soil.

Excellent Material for Improved Growth

The plant bags are made from durable non-woven fabric, which is extremely durable and well made, are better for plants than conventional plastic bags, plastic pots or terracotta pots.

Water and Air Permeable

The plant bag supports plant growth and root formation and prevents mould build-up.The air can be absorbed evenly from the fabric planter from all sides, ensuring a healthy root development. Besides, the plant bag has water-absorption function than can prevent plants from being rot.

Reusable Design

Reuse Plant Bags for Several Seasons.Can be Washed and Easily stored while taking up minimal space.

Made in United Kingdom