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Premium / Lawn Mix Soil 28.3 L, 70/Skid

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Premium / Lawn Mix Soil 28.3 L, 70/Skid

“Floral Premium” lawn soil was developed for planting and maintaining lawns with a minimum of effort. The ingredients of this high quality product were chosen to produce professional results in the period of time that it takes a lawn to get established. This stage of growth is plays an essential role in growing a thick, healthy lawn or repairing a damaged surface.




  • Helps level out soil
  • Improves the quality of the surface of plantings and grass seedlings or sod, particularly where surface soil is heavy or sticky
  • Provides humidity and nutritional elements needed to help grass seedlings germinate
  • Encourages the growth of deep roots
  • Accelerates grass growth for faster results
  • Helps grow a healthy, thick, uniform lawn that will stand up to heat waves