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Premium / Hanging baskets, flowers & vegetables 28.3 L, 70/Skid

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Premium / Hanging baskets, flowers & vegetables 28.3 L, 70/Skid

Use this top quality, nutrient rich “baskets, flowers and vegetables” gardening soil for containers of green leafy plants, flowering plants, or fruit bearing plants and vegetables on balconies or patios. It can also be mixed with earth for use in vegetable gardens and in flowerbeds. This fertile, well-aerated mixture is ideal for gardeners with high standards who want to see optimal growth in their plants.




Black earth, humus, peat moss, compost, perlite, sand


  • Boosts soil aeration and an even consistency that results in better root development
  • Perlite and peat moss increase water retention, thereby reducing the need for watering
  • Makes a nutrient rich addition to compost, delaying the need for additional fertilizers
  • Retains nutrient rich water and slowly delivers it to the roots